New brand of the future , TEES ,HATS, HOODIES

Posted by Rocheaux (CELLO) ( FASHO) Jackson on

  • It's not the industry we need to be trying to please , instead of big industry , we favor the consumers ,anybody who consumes what you are creating , are considered business men/woman. 
  • Wherever you choose to go in life ,we wanna go too. Wherever you been , we can say we've been too. we are about helping you believe , you are able to become who you were birthed to be , showing yourself you can do everything even if it means doing it alone . 
  • greatness is in you , just reach deep , to stand alone is to stand strong . we have the ability to grow a gill when the water runs deep .
  • our company is built on giving quality strong structure clothing that makes you feel confident in yourself if not more . most of our product is hand sewn with love and understanding of our customers , we use top quality polyester and 100% cotton materials to give you comfort along with stability. 
  • our motto is we wanna match everything in your closet no matter what it is or the color , we a match game crazy , so feel free to share your colorways with us .